Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Wisdom Of Shaukat Aziz

Via Pakistani newspaper Daily Times, Resolving Kashmir will help "enlightened moderation": PM

This is just as idiotic as saying resolving Kashmir will help the Pakistani dictator with his misogyny and difficulty with truth-telling.

What does Kashmir have to do with Pakistan becoming more civilized? Isn't Mr. Aziz, in effect, saying that unless India surrenders, Pakistan will remain unenlightened and extremist?

Islamabad must be really desperate that even the urbane Mr. Aziz is reduced to mouthing laughable inanities. How pathetic is this?


libertarian said...

Hmmm ... too bad - looks like Musharraf is enforcing his "diarrhea of the mouth" on his minions. It is pathetic.

PR, Jaffna, do you think the time's right to impose our direction on these wayward folks (their leaders)? Or is a wait-and-watch approach more prudent? If the former, what would the basic elements be: financial aid, military force, cross-border trade, abetting secession, combination of several factors?

Primary Red said...

Well, after Iraq, its clear that when even US with its vast resources cannot overcome a nation of 25mm with military force, India cannot really use our military vs. the much larger Pakistan -- except for defense, or in short wars.

So, we are left with bad choices.

The main lever there is Pakistan's own military. We need to choke it of external resources, instead of appeasing it as the recent BJP and Congress administrations have been doing.

Best regards


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