Saturday, October 22, 2005

Et Tu, RSS?

Via Times of India, RSS urges war against 'evil' of casteism

Oh, so casteism does exist and is 'evil', is it now?

Having been lectured by misguided advocates of Hindu heritage that caste system's significance is a "British" construct and that things on this social front are not as bad as the "secularist" media tends to report, we now await -- with some derision -- the response from these advocates to RSS' latest offering on the subject.


doubtinggaurav said...


Not to spoil your derision.
But RSS has previously spoken against casteism.


Anonymous said...

These comments by you just shows your complete ignorance of RSS thoughts and ideology. Do you know that RSS itself is the biggest experiment in the history of Bharat to remove cast difference? How does it do that? It does it by Shakha or daily 1 hour meeting. In these meetings anybody is welcome, whatever cast they may be. Even when someone introduces themselves during Shakaha, they only use their first name to talk to each other. In order, to not have difference based on one's caste. All the people at shakha, whatever caste, sit together, eat together, sing together and think together.

If that is not the way to remove caste difference in society, then I don't know if there is any.

Remember, RSS is the biggest experiment (80+ years) in the history of Bharat to remove caste difference and nobody has done more to remove caste differences than RSS.

Primary Red said...

Thanks for your feedback.

This post was actually directed not at RSS per se, but at several intellectuals, who we know personally, who have been articulating this notion that the caste system either does not exist as portrayed in the media, or is really a recent consequence of British misrule.

Since these intelletuals are thought-cousins of the RSS, our derision was directed at them.

Obviously, we have personal contempt for the caste system, hence are ironically aligned with RSS on this issue.

Best regards.

krishna said...

Obviously, we have personal contempt for the caste system, hence are ironically aligned with RSS on this issue.

The RSS called 'casteism' evil, not the caste system itself. Did you miss the distinction deliberately?

And, one doesn't have to be a thought-cousin of RSS to recognize that the caste system has indeed gone through significant changes due to British intervention: swayamsevaks are not the only ones who read those voluminous reports of pre-British travellers in India.


GGK said...

The different Castes in india have held different socioeconomic positions at times.
Without jansangh (RSS) hindu maha sabha india would have a larger pakistan problem to deal with.
BTW search for old indian equivalent of caste.


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