Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Goodbye Lenin!

Via Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today:

The hunk of meat formerly known as V.I. Lenin "has been lying in state on public display" for eight decades, the New York Times reports, but these days the bygone Bolshevik can't get any respect:

"Lenin," mused Natasha Zakharova, 23, as she walked off Red Square on Tuesday, admitting that she was not quite sure whose body she had just seen. "Was he a Communist?"

Better dead than red, Natasha.

Ah, if only Indians could reach such blissful state of utter obliviousness about our Communists!!


doubtinggaurav said...


On the contrary, we should Never forget.

Remember the adage "History is repeated ......"

TTG said...

Amen, PR!

TTG said...

Gaurav, BTW, you're right. The first time it happened to China/Russia (tragedy). Now it's happening to India (farce). Sigh.


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