Monday, October 17, 2005

Capital Punishment

Via Indian Express, Death Row mercy pleas: Kalam for pardon to most

This is terrific news. India should not be in the business of killing prisoners. Hopefully, the President's action will place the issue of capital punishment's legitimacy on our political agenda.


doubtinggaurav said...

"India should not be in the business of killing prisoners",

Why ??

Akshay said...

Capital Punishment is unconstitutional, I welcome this move.
Only states like America and China find use for this almost archaic mode of punishment.
A government has no right in deciding who lives or dies.

doubtinggaurav said...

"A government has no right in deciding who lives or dies."

Again Why ???

Primary Red said...

Our government is an agent of our citizens -- hence, its actions are, in effect, the our actions.

Not motivated by bloody revenge, this blogger has no interest in having the killing of prisoners on his conscience.

Best regards.

doubtinggaurav said...


Do you oppose wars that army participates in ?
Do you oppose counter insurgency operations where regularly people are killed in encounters ?
What action do you propose to control riotous mob ?
As I have said before capital punishment is not meant to for retribution, it's to keep society safe.
I will rather taint my conscience than live in society where serial murderers and rapists lurk


Akshay said...

Gaurav, death sentences don't keep society safe. Niether do they deter crime. What purpose do they actually serve if end up doing nothing.

libertarian said...

dg you argument about wars and counter-insurgency made me think. Unlike in a war, or counter-insurgency (and in a generally non-oppressive regime like India's), the death-penalty offers us the luxury of debate. A war or a counter-insurgency is survival-related and hence non-negotiable. The only other response to either is to roll over and die - clearly not acceptable. So - yes - we do empower the state to kill in our name - but we hope that the requisite checks and balances exist that the killing is absolutely necessary and strictly for survival.

Personally, the presence of the death penalty is anachronistic and should go away. However, I've never been in the shoes of family of a homicide victim.


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