Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ingrate Bangladeshi Calls India "Evil"

Rezwan links to an asinine column by a certain Mohammad Zainal Abedin which states:

It is India that created the environment or habit or mania for blaming her for all the misfortunes, as she is the covert or overt architect of all the debacles and miseries that the Bangladeshis face.

India that emerged as a rescuer of Bangladesh in 1971, wearing the mask of an ardent friend, since 1971, behaves in such a way still date, in which no trace of friendship is visible. India through her hundreds of thousands of activities proved that she is our opponent and hostile to us. Due to India none, right from Sheikh Mujubur Rahman to Khaleda Zia, could rule Bangladesh peacefully.

Who plundered materials of hundreds of crores of dollars from our the cantonments, industrial units, goodowns, warehouses, shops and shopping malls, mills and factories, even the residential houses, of all our major cities, including Dhaka and loading them in lorries and trucks and ships sent outside our territory?

Whose black hands were active behind the killing of Mujib and Zia?

No Bangladeshi has any desire to speak ill of or spread scandal for nothing against India. It is India that instigates and incites us, provokes us, compels us to write and speak against India. Being annoyed and vexed at the anti-Bangladesh activities of India, we simply react. It is not our habit or mania. It is our protest against unfriendly and inimical attitude and behaviour of a friend. We protest being beaten and assaulted again and again. Even the beast, not to speak of human being, protests, reacts out of mental agony. It is the duty of the patriotic forces to find out and punish that evil power that is responsible for our deplorable condition, which power does not allow us to stand erect. There is no room to compromise or to be frightened in this respect.


Jaffna said...

Primary Red

Of course there are extremists in Bangladesh. They may kick and scream but they do not help their country's cause.

This said, it is my fervent belief that it is in India's interest that Bangladesh prospers. The economic growth of Bangladesh stabilizes India's north east.

doubtinggaurav said...


I think Bangladesh and Pakistan are failed states or reaching there.
There continued existence is impediment to prosperity of subcontinent.
The article that PR quoted is alarming, if that is the prevalent view there.
If people are willing to believe in such obvious falsehoods it is difficult to imagine any reproachment.
The best way in my view is to divide them into harmless entities.


Jaffna said...


Greetings. Pakistan is here to stay. It is of immense geo-political value to the United States. It has Central Asia to its north and the Arabian Sea to its south. It also lies between India and Iran. This location provides the strategic options that American foreign policy needs. Pakistan will therefore always figure in US defence calculations as a priority.

doubtinggaurav said...

Thanx :-).

if your arguement is that US needs a presence in the region, then I think dismantling Pakistan will present US with far more easier options as then it will deal with pliable and denuclearized/defanged entities.
I don't think US really likes Pakistan after 9/11. US realizes that Pakistan is, well a major pain in unmentionable part.
I don't think GWB really trusts Mushy (not withstanding public posturing).
I think India need to seriously think about this idea.


Primary Red said...

This blogger agrees with DG.

Pakistan in particular is too large and hence unwieldy as presently constituted. It's only held together by the Army -- which has smothered the Pakistani people and caused infinite mischief outside Pakistan. The sheer size of Pakistan is the principal thing that sustains theis army.

Whatever US' calculations are, for India Pakistan's frgamentation into managable pieces is crucial. Each new nation would be large enough to be viable but not large enough to have a military that cannot be overcome if necessary.

This, incidentally, is also good for the larger world, including the US.

As for Bangladesh, sooner or later, India will have to put its foot down. The notion that we need Bangladesh for our prosperity is giving that natin way too much importance.

Best regards.

libertarian said...

DG, PR, encore! encore!
If we adopted a secede-and-assist strategy to the non-Punjab provinces, we'd have (at most) Nepal-sized problems on our hands. Seems like Indira missed the boat with the Balochis in the '70s, and we missed the MQM "opportunity" in the '80s.

More will crop up though. Reason? The ideology of Pakistan is a non-starter. "Homeland for Indian Muslims"? Explain to me why:
1. We have more Muslims than they
2. Why they stopped immigration of Muslims in the '50s. (If I be not mistaken, Jews can still become Israeli citizens with some caveats).


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