Friday, October 07, 2005

Sidelining Bangladesh

Via BBC, Indian gas deal to sideline Dhaka

Excellent news indeed. A bluff is called and the game is up!!


Pavan said...

Read the following sentence:

Mahmudur Rahman, the adviser to Bangladesh's energy minister, said Dhaka had no objections if India chose to use another route.

Does this guy really think he can oppose a pipeline India lays through her own territory?

libertarian said...

Excellent stuff. Enough of these brokers trying to draw concessions without adding any value. I'm glad these guys were foolish enough to show their colors before the gas started flowing.
Makes me wonder how we get something as iron-clad as the Indus water treaty in place for the Iranian pipeline - something that stayed intact through 3 wars. The gas is going to be just as critical as the water.


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