Saturday, October 08, 2005

Paradise Rocked

Today's seismicity in Kashmir is likely a long-term earthquake for the destiny of the region.

Kashmiris will long remember how their nation acted in response.

The moment has finally come for India to make good on our perennial promises of investing big in Kashmir. India's unique scale, strength, and diverse resources must now be mobilized to tangibly demonstrate how much we care for our Kashmiri compatriots.

When this moment passes, as it surely will, their Indian identity ought to have made a real difference in Kashmiri lives. For obvious reasons, India cannot fail in this task.

It's also important to extend -- where possible -- India's support to Kashmiris trapped in PoK.


sanatan said...

Are you even aware that J&K laws do not allow investment from outside of the state? If that were not the case, don't you think Indian businessmen would have invested long ago and I am not talking about post 1989? Why have Indian buinessmen not invested in J&K since the early times, when the valley was peaceful? Until there is respect for proprety rights of those who come in and invest, how do you think private people will take part?

Now if you only talking about Government, then Indian government gave a package of Rs. 24,000 crore only last year.

I agree that we need to get involved in the rebuilding of Kashmir to show that they are better off with India then being independent or with Pakistan but this cannot be done on a sustainable basis without changing the laws themselves. In any event, this is a huge tragedy but some good can come out of it to bring peace to the region.

Primary Red said...

Incidentally, our position on these legal restrictions is the same as yours.

The point we were making is what you correctly picked up in your second paragraph. This is a strategic issue and that's how this needs to be treated.

Best regards.


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