Sunday, October 09, 2005

Doesn't Delhi Know What's At Stake?

India's response to the Kashmiri earthquake is a really big deal.

Therefore, we are stunned to read this AP report: India Quake Survivors Complain of Slow Aid

Let's aggressively pick up our game, shall we?


indianpatriot said...

It shows the usual western news agencies stereotying of India. I believe Indian army's response was much better than response for Katrina in New Orleans. Even though Indian army lost nearly dozens of its own soldiers it has done a great job of relief effort. In fact I read a news report (Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the source) Kashmiris in Uri sector want all relief efforts handed over to army (compared to corrupt local politicians. I would take any news from AP and AFP with a pinch of salt as they long have an anti India mindset for too long.

Nitin said...

Two points:

a) This particular headline is being peddled by Reuters. The Indian Express has an article that says villagers insisted that aid be channeled through the army rather than the local government departments.

b) Indians always complain that their government does too little, too late or both.

But seriously, I'm still thinking about your previous post arguing that India has to do more to bring relief to Kashmir because of its 'disputed' nature. I think Indian authorities must do everything they can, stretch themselves to the max, in rescue, relief and rehabilitation work.

But they should do this regardless of whether it is Kashmir or Kanyakumari (literally, wrt Tsunami)

laks said...


I agree with Nitin. It is really silly on the part of Reuters to paddle the usual equal-equal theory. If you've watched CNN International's interview with Time's Alex Perry, you would have noticed the bias.

This chap said Indian Army is playing down the numbers inorder not to show a sign of weakness.

Primary Red said...

Laks, did catch the Alex Perry report - which was ridiculous on its face.

Nitin, you're right -- clearly we need to have a consistent national disaster approach applicable to all parts of India. Still, it makes sense to especially careful about Kashmir at this moment. Kashmiris should clearly see the value of their Indian-ness.

Best regards.

Jaffna said...

Primary Red

Good point. In the 1969 floods, the then West Pakistan had ignored the devastated East Pakistan. This heightened the sense of grievance in the latter. The rest is history.

This said, India has spent a lot on development in Kashmir since the 1950s. Much of the funds had been misappropriated by the National conference. There were leakages in development aid.

libertarian said...

And after a slow start ... looks like we have things under control!

Primary Red said...

Now this is great news!


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