Monday, October 03, 2005

Sarabjit Singh

Why is the Indian blogosphere strangely silent on the fate of Sarabjit Singh?

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TTG said...

I think because it is far from clear whether he was or wasn't a spy. Sure, his family is saying he wasn't. But considering that the Indian Government is as transparent as a block of lead, conspiracy theories abound. If he is a spy, then Pakistan is within its rights to do what it wants with him. Spies do not get any quarter, anywhere. India can fight for him, but the fact that they aren't must also say something. Honestly, the facts in this case are far from clear, so I would think it would be hard for an average blgoger to form an opinion. (How many Pakistani spies are caught/murdered everyday? Faked encounters, passed off as terrorists e.t.c.). The cloak and dagger world has always been this way. BUT, if he is an innocent caught in crossfire, then surely, India needs to be more vocal...


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