Sunday, October 09, 2005

Doesn't Musharraf Get Lives Are At Stake?

We saw a distraught Pakistani mother wailing on BBC that her child was trapped in a collapsed building, but that there were no cranes to move the concrete. There is nothing more heart-rending than such horrendous suffering.

There are people dying and Musharraf has, in effect, turned down Indian offers of help. A Pakistani spokeswoman just told CNN they are waiting for US to send helicopters. Why not let Indian helicopters, that are close by, get on with the job?

On CNN, Mushrraf said his reluctance was due to "sensitivity". Sensitivity? Are Pakistani lives not more important than any sensitivity of the Pakistani army?


Anonymous said...

Gen. Mush is hardly the person to care about the plight of the people. All he cares about is getting international funds which he can use for his 'sensitive' purposes.

libertarian said...

If this moron weren't relevant for the most unfortunate reasons, he'd be unceremoniously consigned to the dustbin of history (a place he'll still make with relative ease if he stays his current course).

He's completely out of touch with what's happening - and is seriously underestimating how harshly the world will judge him if he fails. His refusal to use the Indian military to save people in the first 3 days will come back to haunt him. We need to muscle in more help - drinking water in particular - over the squealing of this chicken in uniform.

I buy my meat from a guy whose entire family is from Muzaffarabad. He has not been able to get in touch with anyone from his family. If help came his family's way, the last thing on his mind is that it was an Indian, or a non-Muslim who helped.


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