Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sarabjit Singh

We must confess we do not understand the Sarabjit Singh situation. Now, via Outlook, we read that Sarabjit's sister plans to visit Pakistan to appeal to victims' families for forgiveness. What in the world is going on here?

The Government of India knows whether or not Mr. Singh was an Indian agent in Pakistan.

If he is the innocent man his family claims he is, and his outrageous (typical for Pakistan) televised confession is coerced, India cannot let him hang. If Pakistan were to execute an innocent Indian, this must surely be considered casus belli.

If he is indeed an agent of India, and was in Pakistan simply gathering intelligence, he doesn't deserve death by hanging. India should (discreetly) acknowledge his status and demand better treatment than he is currently receiving. We can't send Indians on missions, then leave them to rot in hell-holes.

If he is an Indian agent, and has engaged in the kind of violence that's been alleged, Indians need to understand why our agents are bombing Pakistani civilians in our name.

If he is a rogue agent, who went off the ranch, again Indians need to be assured that our intelligence agencies have now the necessary controls to prevent this from happening again.

In all cases, the ball is in Government of India's court. It shouldn't be that Sarabjit's sister has to beg for his life from (themselves grieving) strangers in Pakistan.

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