Monday, October 10, 2005

A Profile In Courage

Consequent to the increasingly bizzare actions by IIPM defenders, Gaurav Sabnis makes a principled stand and quits his job.

The vile comments on Rashmi Bansal's blog tell all there's to be known about these IIPM defenders.

Please read Amit's take for a background on the matter.

IIPM has the right to take anyone to court, if it feels maligned. It has a right to debate people who it disagrees with. What it is doing, instead, is trying to smother brave voices in the blogosphere who've called IIPM out on its questionable claims.

This is a profound disgrace and, hopefully, will backfire big time.


libertarian said...

IIPM's use of heavy-handed free-speech muzzling tactics rival those of the scientologists. It's not about principles (or education) at all - it's all about the moolah.

doubtinggaurav said...


Can't we (as in cyber community )file a PIL against IIPM and get justice for sabnis.
I find outrageous that someone has to resign for holding his personal views.


Primary Red said...

Well, as Gaurav himself notes, he quit himself -- from a private firm. Hard to intervene there. No?

As regards IIPM, if their claims are as manifestly false as being reported, they should be charged by law enforcement.

Best regards.

sanjay said...

Besides IIPM, many people are wondering where Arindham C. gets his funding.

1. His bollywood movie "Rok Sako To Rok Lo" probably cost Rs 100+ crores to make. It became the first full-length feature film to premiere on a wireless cellular network - Airtel's. Subscribers to India's Airtel service apparently got to watch a streaming version of this film on their phones on December 9th, 2004. Not sure how much extra he paid for this but it must have been quite steep. The movie itself crashed & burned at the box office. Losses galore there, I'm sure.

2. His book "The Great Indian Dream" was very heavily marketed & must have cost a fortune. During my last trip to India, I used to buy the ten leading Indian print dailies on a regular basis to get a flavour of developments in the country. One of the things that caught my eye was the ubiquitous presence of 8x10 ads pushing the "The Great Indian Dream" in virtually every newspaper. Costs of advertising alone would have been in the tens of crores. He claimed to have received a 7-figure advance from the publisher for this book but revealed to The Hindu that he never got the actual money. It was just an advertising gimmick.

3. Arindham C. is supposedly the founder of PlanMan Consulting "which is now one of the fastest growing Indian Management Consulting Firms with offices in Canada & the USA." Unfortunately, PlanMan Consulting's URl at is a dead end!

4. Arindham C. is supposedly the founder of "Great Indian Dream Foundation" whose mission includes ridding India of "its inhuman indignities" & envisions that "this dream take the form of a revolution". Odd to hear naxalite rhetoric emerging from the mouth of a so-called business management guru. Another interesting point: The GIDF website prominently displays (source: a picture of Sachin Tendulkar, who appears to be endorsing the Foundation.

In addition to IIPM, there needs to be an expose on this guy. Perhaps, we should all chip in & hire a private detective!

Anonymous said...

PILs are in progress in multiple high courts and stay on resignation can defnitely be asked for.just wait for holidays to get over.


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