Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Sudan's Children See

This is a drawing by a child, witness to the conflict in Darfur. What a tragic circumstance this is for a child to grow up in? Can these children ever conquer their nightmares?

See more drawings in the exhibit Darfur Dawn: The Conflict In Darfur Through Children's Eyes

Courtesy: Human Rights Watch

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Jaffna said...

Sudan represents the worst possible violation of human rights in the world today. The overwhelmingly Black south had been in outright revolt since the 1960s. The northern Arab military had killed atleast a million people in the south in what could only be described as genocide. Many fled their homes to neighboring African states.

Most of Sudan's oil wealth is in the south. The Sudanese peace accord last year led to a rapprochment of sorts. It upheld regional control over the vast hydrocarbon reserves in the south. It provided for federalism, power sharing and religious pluralism. Built into the settlement was the option of plebiscite where the southerners could opt to secede if they chose to in six years.

And yet, despite the land mark peace deal, the authorities in Khartoum chose to launch another front, this time in the west i.e. Darfur. The Zanjawi militia have been responsible for incredible human rights abuses since 2004. Starvation, murder and rape are rife. And yet, the world remains silent. Where are the so-called international human rights activists?


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