Thursday, September 22, 2005

Star Wars

Via Washington Times, U.S. deploys warfare unit to jam enemy satellites

While India is only just building its blue water naval capabilities, space is fast becoming the final frontier for strategic arm wrestling.


Naresha said...

India's continued development of a blue water navy is imperative. The Indian peninsula (i.e. the Deccan and below) juts 1,240 miles into the Indian Ocean. 50% of the Indian Ocean basin lies within a 1,000 mile radius of India, a reality that has strategic implications. Chennai is a mere 3,400 miles away from Perth in Australia, slightly more than the distance between New York and Los Angeles. A strengthened naval wing is essential to help keep the peace in the Indian Ocean.

libertarian said...

What the general says about space is true enough - but US's seeming invincibility has already taken a severe battering on several fronts. We'll always come up short if we compare our weak points with the US's strong points. Doesn't mean we get complacent ot fatalistic about our ability - just need to keep perspective and work like hell to cover our weaknesses.


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