Thursday, September 08, 2005

Brand Equity

Not only is our stock market soaring, so apparently is our brand equity.

General Musharraf, eat your heart out!!

(Link courtesy: Nitin)


libertarian said...

Yeah, General President Chief Executive All-Knowing All-Powerful Musharraf should seriously consider the USSA (United States of South Asia) deal. Would do him and his failed state a world of good. My prediction is that we'll be bailing them out in 15-20 years to prevent a giant catastrophe at our doorstep ... OK maybe that was CIA's prediction ... I forget now :-)

doubtinggaurav said...

IF we want to compare ourselves there are better counteries than Pakistan.

Brand not neccessarily mean merit or competence.


I think India has enough of it's problem to even think about hindi-paki reunion



libertarian said...


I think the USSA idea (staying away from the lightning-rod Akhand Bharat term) is going to happen in the next 20 years in some shape or form.

Consider the past (a _great_ reference is Guns Germs and Steel). Today's idea of a nation-state developed through a succession of ever-larger political and geographical entities.

Extrapolating to the future, there's no reason for nation-states to be the end-point. Consider what's happening the world over - NAFTA, SAFTA, EU, ASEAN - loose political federations and tighter economic ones. We're the only idiots intent on fighting to the death and jumping on each others' graves.

In 20-30 years years, India will be dominant in its "sphere of influence" just as China will be in it's own, and the US everywhere else. This sphere of influence will extend from Iran and the Central Asian republics to Myanmar and beyond. Pakistan is just part of a grander scheme. Call it the Indian zone. With "overwhelming (economic and military) might" comes the responsibility to ensure that our sphere of influence is peaceful and progressing. India, being the heavyweight, MUST assume the responsibility of seeing this end achieved. We cannot sit back and blame Pakistan, or the fact that we have "problems" today, distract us from a long-term goal.

The blog is about "ideas for an Indian century" - this is one ...


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