Wednesday, September 14, 2005

China And Uyghurs

Via National Review, Uyghur dissident Rebiya Kadeer takes apart China's tyranny and its suppression of Uyghur freedoms.

I'm sure this has been said before, but there is a distinction between terror and horror. Terror is felt when we anticipate an horrific event; horror is felt when it actually happens. I am keenly aware of this difference: I have lived with a sense of terror for the fate of Uyghurs for the past few decades; and I have watched in horror as my worst fears have come true.

I have been terrified for young Uyghur mothers who become pregnant when the Chinese government say they shouldn't; and I have been horrified when their pregnancies have been forcibly terminated. I have been terrified for the Uyghurs' ancient culture; and watched horrified as the Chinese authorities have stooped to burning Uyghur books. I have been terrified for those Uyghurs who have stood up and objected; and been horrified when they have been executed as "terrorists." And yes, I have been horrified by the treatment of my friends and family.

And what of the Chinese government? I think the Chinese government is terrified of the day when their corruption, their brutality, their wanton destruction of the environment and neglect of the physical and spiritual health of the people will no longer be tolerated. The Chinese government has every reason to be terrified -- it is a terrifying prospect for us all


Sandesh S. Deshmukh said...

Hi there,

Your commentary and views on the geopolitical scenario are really welcome for the sole point that there are very less indians who are more interested in geopolitics than britney spears.

I believe that one should be aware of the ever changing world from the political perspective and what will influence us and our future generations.

Indians should have more knowledge interest in geopolitics and less in bollywood.

I really hate when someone asks me where palestine is or whether it is in europe or south america, we indians atleast should have our geography right.

Primary Red said...


froginthewell said...

China has a stringent population policy - and I think that is necessary to feed all their population. India, but not adopting strict birth control is eventually doing a lot of damage to its citizens.

In fact, the Han Chinese are allowed to have only one child per "family" but in general minority communities ( I think Uyghurs too ) are allowed to have 2. If they still want to breed like rabbits the way Indians do I think the Chinese are somewhat justified in exercising some control.

libertarian said...


I completely disagree that our population policy (or lack of it) will hurt us. The short-term pain of rearing a large young population yields a gigantic productive workforce 20 years later. That's India today.

As a result of their 1-child policy, China is heading at 200mph into a demographic wall. China's median age is 32.26. India's is 24.66! Their fertility ratio is 1.72 children per woman - well below replacement rate of about 2.1. Starting 2008 or so, the effects of this lop-sided demography are going to show. The Dragon's definitely going to slow down at best - crash at worst.

The Age of the Tiger is at hand! (if we don't mess it up)


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