Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Dogs Of War

They will not stop barking.

Via Pakistan's Daily Times, 12 killed in Kashmir

What's a dozen Indians dead when our countrymen are busy counting capital gains in Wagah?


Rezwan said...

Any killing should be denounced.

I am just wondering what the trigger happy Border Security Force's strategy in dealing with the insurgents infiltrating into Kashmir when they had tremendous success in the Eastern borders.

Probable they are afraid of the dogs and happy with showing their might playing with tiny mouse.

Primary Red said...

Well, Rezwan, our political leaders are too caught up in naively trying to wage peace with Pakistan.

The Bangladesh border is different. There your political leadership is too caught up in inexplicably trying to portray India as evil.

Best regards

libertarian said...

For a country India's size, and with the increasing resources available to it, India is remarkably timid. Instead of driving the agenda and drawing red lines and enforcing them, the Indian leadership is apologetic on fronts it does not need to be.

I don's see the the US apologizing to Mexico, Canada or Cuba for enforcing basic borders. And yes, they do it with force, at times.

Let's not get started that the LOC is no international border and should not be enforced. This is one of the red lines that the Indian government needs to outline, with definite consequences upon breach.


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