Friday, September 30, 2005

Misfired Rifles

Via Times of India, BDR blames India for Bangla serial blasts

With just a few weeks left for the SAARC summit in Dhaka, Indo-Bangladesh ties touched a new low on Thursday when Director General of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), Major General Jahangir Alam Choudhury, alleged that the August 17 multiple explosions in his country were the handiwork of "people across the border" and specifically named India.

Simply pathetic.


doubtinggaurav said...


Any chance of strong reaction towards Bangladesh from your Big Tent party ;-)


Primary Red said...

Not a chance.

But, to be fair, this blogger remembers very clearly when a bunch of Indian soldiers were killed by BDR while BJP was running Delhi. Nothing happened then either. In fact, we'd protested to a friend -- the son of a senior national security related cabinet minister -- and were told there was little India could do.

Fact is, our leaders are all wimps. The only real time India stared the world down was in 1971. Guess who was running the show then?!

doubtinggaurav said...


You are right
Kandhar and BDR incident were big let downs for a Saffron - Right like me.
It might be due to infilteration of naughty secularists in BJP.

In 1971, it was Army.
But yes, Indira Gandhi had more balls than her clueless father or any other PM, except may be LBS.

But while signing Shimla agreement
India frittered away it's advantage
(I think Kashmir could have been resolved at that time).
Guess who was running the show then ;-)



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