Sunday, September 18, 2005

Khalid Hasan

Pakistani Daily Times columnist Khalid Hasan writes about India's belly landing in Congress, referring to the Tom Lantos affair.

A "responsible" country Pakistan may not be, but our foreign minister not only dresses better but is smarter than "Prince" Natwar, he writes.

Daily Times is edited by Najam Sethi, the darling of India's naive pacifist left.

Read this column and note the hatred for India dripping from every Khalid Hasan word; read this column and burn it in your memory for a day will come when he will be forced to eat his gloating words.

It's not as if Pakistan is courting war on Iran -- a fellow Muslim state who it propelled on the path of proliferation -- is it? Given this, by pure political logic, shouldn't Mr. Hasan and Pakistan be grateful that India has argued for greater dialogue over precipitous action against Iran?

But no, they wish to gloat because they represent a pathetic state spun out of control, the mention of whose name alone terrorizes decent people worldwide -- Gabbar Singh, eat your heart out! All they have is gloating over the minor cuts and bruises India deals with on its constant march forward. Oh, we cannot even begin describing our infinite contempt for their uncreating and unkempt political culture.

If this blogger's memory serves right, he can also recall a Khalid Hasan column from before the Iraq war where he referred to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in extremely ungentlemanly terms. Seems like hatred and misogyny run rampant in the Pakistani establishment.

There are lesser states around us who would love to see us down in their own slimy mire -- India has to get over trying to be nice to such states and their apologists; instead, we need to understand the enemy nature of our neighbors who only respect muscle and scorn our politeness.


libertarian said...


This guy is a senile, sentimental crack-pot sitting in Washington and spewing his venom (Arundhati without the literary class). Having read some of his other stuff, seems he's got a bee(hive) in his bonnet about being a native of Srinagar and having chosen Pakistan - i.e. the wrong side. Anyways, the article is pure drivel - should be treated as such.

I can't quite figure out why this fool gloats as much as he does. It's not like the nuclear deal is dead because Lantos busts a capillary. No-one expected the US's deal with India to go unchallenged - Stephen Cohen talks about a tough passage through Congress. This is, after all, a major switch for the U.S. - an exception that will need justification.

We need a mindset of "managing" this Pakistani problem (in true Chanakya or Sun-Tzu style). They're the pesky vagrant that keeps threatening our home and asking for food at the same time - should be managed as such. End of the day, this is an Indian problem - needs an Indian solution - and no small amount of Indian leadership. Mudfights with them make us look less than we are. Let's "speak softly and carry a big stick".

Primary Red said...

"End of the day, this is an Indian problem - needs an Indian solution - and no small amount of Indian leadership."

Perfectly articulated.


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