Thursday, September 29, 2005

Prakash Karat

The arch-communist Prakash Karat has forcefully denounced India's revolutionary vote on Iran. Among other inanities, he writes:

The stark truth is that India, in an unconscionable step, has ranged itself with the US and the Western powers and broken ranks with the non-aligned countries.

Unconscionable, comrade? This is a moment of great joy to most of your countrymen, tired of India hanging out with the tyrants of the 3rd world. Your hatred of Western democracies is so extreme that you are embracing the Ayatollahs of Iran who detest communists like you even worse!! It must really hurt that your fellow Indians couldn't care less about the garbage you have to offer them. Awesome.


Huvishka said...

Of all the reasons that the Iran vote is right, the first could well be because commies are so pissed of by it..

Kaunteya said...

Yups, as a thumb rule- if Left opposes something than it has to be good for the country.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Please refer Karat to Naipaul's "Among the Believers" for a stark account of how his communist bretheren were treated after the Shah was overthrown.


libertarian said...

Communism is long-dead. But these un-dead zombies keeping waking and acting most troublesome ...


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