Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Say What?

In Calcutta Telegraph, K.P. Nayar calls India's financial support for Katrina victims MORALLY REPUGNANT!!!


Pankaj said...

Primary Red,

I think you have jumped the gun. Nayars issue is with the donation made to the american red cross, and he states certain alarming facts about the organization relating to 9/11.

Although the sub-editor of the paper should be really fired for giving such an atrocious and misleading header to the article.

Nitin said...

I'm not sure what Nayar is getting at.

He is advocating that the Red Cross is a wrong bunch to give money to; he is also saying that that money will be better spent on treating encephalitis patients in India. He does not say, and this is where I fault him, whether or not India he thinks India must give aid to Katrina victims.

If the answer is yes, then it is a question of execution: which is the best receptacle for Indian aid. Surely, it can't be the US government. That would not only be presumptuous, but would also be silly.

Alternately, he ignores the fact that the IAF is flying an IL-76 full of relief supplies directly to the flood victims.

He also ignores the fact that the US embassy personnel in New Delhi would have advised on what exactly they need. If India did'nt send doctors to Louisiana, it may not be because it did not want to send. It is more likely because the US authorities may have advised that doctors are not what they need from India.

K P Nayar does write some sensible stuff. But he's way out on this one.

doubtinggaurav said...

May be he didn't mean anything ??

May be it was just rhetoric, which english media is full of ??

May be the editor didn't find any celebrity gossip to fill the space, so he put the article there ??

So many alternatives.

Gameboys said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. In the same article, Nayar criticizes for 'throwing away' tax payers' money and also contributing only USD 5M (not befitting a country looking to get into the big league). Which is it, Mr.Nayar?

He also makes the presumption that somehow the money donated for Katrina relief deprives people in UP of better treatment facilities. Does India have only those five million? Incredible logic. I made a modest donation towards Tsunami relief and I know many Americans contributed then. I made a similar contribution for Katrina now. What's wrong with that? It is the gesture which is important, it shows we care.

Primary Red said...


As the others point out, there's much wrong in Mr. Nayar's essay. It was easier to mock it simply by linking to its astonishing header -- which incidentally is drawn from an expression he uses in the essay.

And, btw, the red cross did have significant scandals, but has reforemed since then and remains (scandal or not) a pretty good relief agency.

Best regards.

Nilu said...

It is just plain bad economics.

The 5 million would never get noticed - which means the very idea of donating is lost. I had mused on the myth of charity sometime ago - during the Tsunami thngy...


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