Saturday, September 17, 2005

16 Years For What?

Via Times of India, Indians jailed for 16 yrs in Dhaka for an alleged minor offense that did not involve violence.

This is a society on a warpath against India. Jairam Ramesh, do please come to your senses and quit fawning over an enemy state.


Rezwan said...

This is a society on a warpath against India

Not quite so. One thing to be noted here the the verdict was followed by a due legal course. The Indian high commission is there to oversee whether any injustice to any Indian nationals are done. You should ask them why are they are happy with the verdict and not interfering if those are minor offences?

In the Shappelle Corby case the Australians even now fighting to save her life to prove her innocence but they are civilized enough not to defame another society by telling that they are on a warpath.

I think to earn the fame (as per your statement) Bangladesh border forces can learn from their big brother BSF to shoot down the armed and dangerous infiltrators at sight so that they are saved from the claws of the law of an soverign country taking its own course.

However the society you are accusing puts their trusts on law, not bullets to settle things.

Primary Red said...

Is this why there are millions upon millions of Bangladeshi invaders all over India -- neither having been shot down by BSF on the border nor cooling their heels in prison for decades; instead, making their illegal livelihoods in a country which gave theirs life and then has fcaed unrelenting ingratitude?

We are fed up playing nice to lesser states in our neighborhood who couldn't spell reciprocation if their life depended on it.

Best regards.

Rezwan said...

The words like 'unrelenting ingratitude', 'warpath', 'playing nice' & 'enemy' seems in the extreme and are supposed to be uttered in panic or warlike situations. With India I don't think Bangladesh will ever have that much trouble.

In this cruel world, even some of the children show ingratitude towards parents. So is it wise for the parents to blame every children of thanklessness?

And suppose I am personally grateful towards India for their help in 1971, is it practical to quote this in every interactions? Or should there should be inch measurements of who did what and who did what in return?

Relationships are about feelings of respect and understanding each other. Each have their own traits, priorities and good/bad attitudes. Without understanding & compromise no relationship works.

I don't know why I have to say all these and why is a legal verdict of a soverign court is interpreted as enmity. I suppose you are thinking that for the Bangladeshis there is a separate law.

doubtinggaurav said...

May be, 1971 was a mistake, we should have let that noble soul General Tikka Khan, take care of the headache


Rezwan said...

May be, 1971 was a mistake, we should have let that noble soul General Tikka Khan, take care of the headache

Tikka Khan & gong were pissing in their pants already before India intervened because of the freedom fighters.

I am surprised to face this hatred. Probably this has to do more with attitude than dealing with the real problem. Illegal immigrants issue promulgated not because Bangladesh govt. or the local people encouraged people to migrate. Infact the loophole is the lax border security in both the sides. The barbed wire fencing might be a deterrent, we will have to see its usefulness. The migrations still happening because a large no of population has some relatives in either part. Now, because of the economic disparities migrants are preferring to move to India. If the economic conditions are better in Bangladesh, we might expect a reversal of the situation. With this fluid population, you need to put a valve and proper filters to monitor the actual movement and deter the unwanted ones. Its not so easy as you think. Your politicians crave for these people to be around when the election comes and then after the election cries wolf for their repatriation. They would be forced to hit the base whenever the politics with them are stopped. And for this it is imperative that Bangladesh develops in all aspects not being far behind of India.

One of the reason behind Indira Gandhi's decision to help Bangladesh liberate in 1971 is the migrant refugee issue. India just could not bear the load of the refugees and the issues arising out of it.

So instead of accusing Bangladesh for the migrants, India should explore the reasons behind the migrations
1. flooding dislocates many people - poor watersharing plan
2. draughts creates famines -poor watersharing plan

- See there are areas where India can contribute and certainly it would be unwise to treat Bangladesh as a country like Nepal which can easily be dominated by India's terms.

Relationships grow when there is mutual respect.

doubtinggaurav said...


Ofcus we are full of hatred.
But Bangladesh has nothing but love and affection for us.
(We may continue in that vein and try to find out who started hating whom first)
Now, I find you very reasonable, but from what I hear, there are other souls in Bangladesh who don't beleive in reason.Ofcourse India has shares of lunatics also, but one major difference is that our lunatics kill each other, yours export terrorism to neighbours.
I agree with you in ,that this migrant issue is not neccessarily Bangladesh's government fault (mind you I am not absolving or incriminating your government)
The immigrants constitute a loyal vote bank for commies.
Regarding General Tikka Khan and his gang, I think One charge of Zulfikar Ali Bhutton against BangaBandhu was that he was taking support from India for secession.
Ofcourse it might have been " only moral support", but somehow I doubt it, considering revolutions are not managed on morality but arms


Rezwan said...


Thanks for understanding. You see the problem is that the communication between two countries population has not been well. Thats why the misconceptions and mistrust exist. You have probably heard about the fuss about some of our politicians who, in a bid to attack Awami League and some of its allies, systematically carry out Anti-Indian propaganda. But if you want to know the reality, they maintain good contact with India as they are mostly businessmen who has trade relations with India.

In Bangladesh sadly govt owns the only terrestrial TV channel. The 3 other private TV channels do not reach distant rural population (via cable). So the govt. propagande can gain advantage. People do not get alternate views.

Probably the mistrusts about Bangladesh is the making of some of the Indian media too.

But it is not as bad as you seem. India or Bangladesh has done nothing bad to each other so that they should have a disastrous relationship. You only need to meet the people in person to get the reality. And I believe it applies to the Indians too.

Thnx & regards,


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