Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Lunacy Of The Far Left

George Galloway debated Christopher Hitchens this week about Iraq.

Too many on the left see Mr. Galloway as an icon in their rage over the war. In their hysterical blindness to the reality of our world, they've embraced this hypocrite demagogue as their spokesman.

Via Opinion Journal, Kimberley Strassel reports on the debate which once again highlighted the lunacy of the far left.

Mr. Hitchens asked Mr. Galloway and the crowd how it was possible for a man who in Syria had praised the Iraqi terrorists to come to New York and evoke Cindy Sheehan, whose son was murdered by said terrorists?

Good question.

Mr. Galloway's response was typical. He began by railing that "neo-con rot" had seeped into people's souls. He lamented that he had to put up with this "hypocrite Hitchens." He ranted that Mr. Hitchens was friends with people who owned "Tomahawk" missiles, thus allowing him to segue into a tirade about America's treatment of its Indians (I'm not making this up). And as if to show that there were no depths to which he would not proudly sink, Mr. Galloway finished his "answer" to Mr. Hitchens's question by announcing that the planes that brought down the World Trade Center were the direct result of "hatred created by the U.S." and by appealing to anti-Semites with a few risible remarks about Israel.

It says something about those in attendance that these Sept. 11 remarks--uttered in New York, just a scream away from Ground Zero--earned Mr. Galloway wild applause. Another crowd highlight was the response to Mr. Hitchens's opening request for a moment of silence to remember the 160 Iraqis who'd been brutally murdered in Baghdad earlier that day. One man immediately shouted "No!" as comrades began jeering and booing the journalist. America, meet your "antiwar" activists.

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reformist_muslim said...

Yes, I agree with you that Galloway is a man who does not deserve to be respected let alone admired.

However it says something for the descent of Christopher Hitchens that given the amount of material he had to work with, he could not deliver a knockout blow and according to some lost the debate on points.

I didnt support the Iraq war, but Mr Hitchens is a perfect example of someone who started out with a coherent albeit ultimately flawed rationale for the war which due to his own anger has descended into ideological ranting on the level of Galloway.

I think the level of how blinded he has become was evident in his not attaching any blame to the Bush administration on Hurricane Katrina


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