Monday, September 05, 2005

An Indian Root-Cause Apologist

Via BBC, Indian landmine blast kills 24 paramilitary soldiers. The killers: Indian Maoists.

Has our government declared a state of emergency? Are we deploying our forces on a war footing to hunt down and destroy the leadership of this evil force that stalks our nation?

Of course not.

Junior home minister Shriprakash Jaiswal said the latest attack was "a blow to Chhattisgarh because the Maoist situation was improving when the incident happened".

Mr Jaiswal said the central government had urged states to address social and economic matters to tackle the insurgency-hit areas.

First, absent our taking the war to the killers, this situation cannot possibly improve.

Second, isn't Mr Jaiswal embracing the root-cause argument for cold-blooded murder?


Nilu said...

If you want the Govt to declare a state of emergency each time a bomb/landmine goes off - you might just not see anything but emergency.

And the minister is just doing his job : broadening his political base.

Primary Red said...

If 24 policemen dying is not an emergency in India, what is?

Best regards

Kumar said...

PR: It's hardly surprising that this Congress govt.'s response is so weak. After all, their pre-election pact with the Naxalites--especially in Andhra Pradesh--was crucial to their national electoral success.

I don't think the Minister really believes the 'root-cause' explanation: Just a bit of misdirection to cover up their pre-election collusion w/ the Naxalites.

This is yet another example of the Congress party pursuing power at the expense of the nation. Think Punjab and before that Kashmir.


Nilu said...

Like an imminent nuclear threat;)

Primary Red said...

Fair enough.

You know how, Eliot wrote, the world ends? Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

We'll keep waiting for the mushroom cloud, all the while corroded from within because we didn't care when 24 people were mowed down simply for wearing their uniform.

Best regards.

Nilu said...

Maybe we won't wait for the mushroom cloud - but just get on wiyh lives and look at alarmists with scant regard...

Gameboys said...

PR, I don't know if you have to have an emergency, but what I do know is - this thing has to be dealt with. This Outlook opinion piece is a must read:

Not sure which part of India Nilu is from, but the situation in affected states is rapidly deteriorating. Kumar is absolutely right about the collusion between the so-called naxalites and politicians. The venality among the political class is mindboggling.
- Nanda Kishore

libertarian said...

Nilu, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Freedom isn't free - all that's required for evil to triumph is that good folks do nothing.

Cliches apart, we aspire for a different standard in India - one where the mowing down of 24 policemen is news ... not the ho-hum of the past. And we are getting there - in large part because people highlight injustice.

Nilu said...

No, I just do not agree.

I think the death of Policemen and an undercooked spaghetti make equally useless "news". Useful Information - maybe. News? - naa


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