Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bigotry In A Temple

What In the Name of God is this? (link courtesy: Gargi)


libertarian said...

It's sad that these morons still exist in 21st century India. I guess there's enough of a constituency that they represent.
To be fair though, we nail these Hindu pundits for same silliness that the Parsis, Jews and Muslims practise across the board. As a non-Parsi, non-Jew and non-Muslim, I'm offended that I am denied access to their places of worship. It's not so much that I'm dying to pray at these places, but it's the principle (or lack of it). I have not seen such restrictions in most Hindu or Jain temples, churches and gurdwaras.
Seems the Hindu majority (I'm not Hindu) is held to a higher standard of tolerance than the minorities, kind of in the same way as a non-Hindu has to prove his/her 'patriotism' "beyond reasonable doubt".

Primary Red said...


On this blog, we've trashed Saudi Arabia for similar bigotry.

In India though, this blogger has been in mosques and churches without problem; we didn't realize we'd be barred from Parsi places of worship.

Anyways, no one should be practicing this kind of exclusion.

Best regards.

Rishi Gajria said...

The post about the independance rock being cancelled at the last moment made me very sad. I hope there is debate in India now about goverment as moralists.


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