Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supreme Court

Via BBC, Indian politician's wealth probed

India's Supreme Court has ordered the chief minister of northern Uttar Pradesh state, Mulayam Singh Yadav, to explain the sources of his wealth.

The court order came after a petition alleging that Mr Yadav and his sons had amassed millions of rupees since 1977.

Not that we hold any brief to defend Mr. Yadav, but is his alleged corruption really a matter the Supreme Court ought to take up? Isn't this an issue for the investigative agencies? Why isn't the court limiting itself to serious constitutional matters of which there are many in a complex society such as India?


Jaffna said...

Ah, but when the investigative agencies do not do their work or are used for partisan purposes (as they have since independence), the court intervenes. It is the appeal of last resort. Recent incidents appear to offer hope i.e. Natwar Singh, Laloo Prasad, 11 MPs and now the investigation of Mulayam Singh.

This said, several (not me) would agree with you that the court appears to be exceeding its mandate.


Anonymous said...

Tend to agree with Jaffna. When the executive and its arms dont work, the judiciary is stepping in. Although not a very welcome development, its better than no rule of law either!


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