Saturday, January 07, 2006

Start With The Man In The Mirror

India should pull out troops from J&K: I’ll fight terrorists, says Musharraf

Forgive our contemptuous mirth on this Daily Times report.

This man is burning down his own country -- yet presumes to advise India on what we ought to do in our own territory. Wow!!!


Apollo said...

his army is not a banana republic army. he will throw out any corps commanders if he does not obey him, he knows the paki army is fully committed to!!

he is riding a tiger he knows that the minute he steps down from his post that tiger will pounce on him or if he hangs around for far too long there will not be a shortage of ppl willing to knife him in the back :-) all the best mushy u remember what happened to Gen zia i hope. lol!!

cynical nerd said...

This vermin is aerial bombing using fighter jets and Cobra choppers with gun ships in Balochistan. I'd say India ask him to reduce troop levels there, Gilgit and Northern Areas, afterall they too don't want Pak Army there.

libertarian said...

*WARNING* - VERY graphic pictures in the following link.

Ghastly Balochistan killings

This fool certainly has his methods for handling dissent.


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