Saturday, January 07, 2006

Extending Democracy To All Indians

Via Indian Express, NRIs may get voting rights: Manmohan

This relates not to the so-called "dual citizens" but those who live abroad while retaining their Indian citizenship. We've long lobbied for this personally and are thrilled that the Government is considering this step.

Of course, we fully expect BJP (who's long courted NRIs) to support this measure. Progress-averse Mr. Karat & his band of communists will likely protest any advance. On balance, however, this measure seems to be a winner.


doubtinggaurav said...


Somewhat related (It is a rant, sort of)

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Primary Red said...


You've raised an interesting issue. Don't internal migrants get "ration cards" -- and voter registrations -- in their new locations? If not, this too clearly merits correction.

Best regards.

doubtinggaurav said...


Yes it is possible to get the documents.

But there are three problems,

1) Seasonal nature of migration

Most of the menial labourers and workers with lower skill (eg. welders, fitters I encountered)
migrate to other states while demand for labour in agriculture is minimal, when the demand is high again (during sowing or cutting for example) they return.
This pattern is repeated every years and this means that their participation is dependant on vagaries of rain-god and election comission.

2) Professionals (in particular software professionals like me), have a high mobility with change of job every second year. This continues at least till late 20's.

3) Considering the time it takes to get registered in a new constituency, the best option for migrants remain to remain registered at native place only.

(I am registered at Lucknow since 4 years , but so far never have been able to vote)

I have read that in America there is a provision for postal ballots. May be such provision can be thought of in case of India also.


sand_dunes said...

anywaz something not related to this piece/blog but just want to know what u guys think abt news tht saudi king is likely guest for republic day chief guest .... now is this another way to pamder secularism in our land saudi king ... next bin laden ayamman al zawari ?


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