Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is Musharraf Toast?

Via Asia Times Online, US turns against Musharraf

Syed Saleem Shahzad's story speculates a great deal but, if true, then the new year could turn out to be a very interesting one.


Apollo said...

this might only be pressure tactic by the americans to force musharraf to do what they want.

libertarian said...

PR: 2006 may bring glad tidings yet!

apollo: if the Americans have really done what Shahzad is claiming, they're likely dead serious. If Mush hasn't delivered yet (and he has not), he's unlikely to continue receiving lifelines.

Apollo said...

@libertarian i'am sure the americans are clenching their teeth in private.

musharraf's most damaging statement to date was when he explained to karan thapar that pakistan army was a disciplined force and is completely loyal to its commander of the moment. i think he gave away the game here.he was projecting himself to the US as their last hope. if he is gone pakistan will collapse into the arms of fundamentalists. now the americans and everyone else realise what Mr Parthasarathy, ex-ambassador to pakistan always maintained that pakistan army owns pakistan.they run every business and have their hands dipped in every pie.If musharraf goes it won't be a mullah omar type who will replace him but some other general who ofcourse will still be amenable to "american advice"


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