Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is Musharraf delusionary?

Nitin Pai gives us his take on Musharraf's interview with Karan Thapar. The interview is a must-read. Following are some mirthful excerpts:

President Musharraf: Now, you have spoken about Manshera and you have spoken about LeT operating there for earthquake relief. LeT is not operating, it is Jamat-ud-Dawa.
Thapar: But it is the same organisation under a new name.
President Musharraf: No. Yes, I know that but it is not a banned organisation.
Thapar: But they have just changed name and continued?
President Musharraf: Well, it has linkages but it's not the same. It has its linkages as long as it is there. It has not even been banned abroad. LeT is a banned organisation in the UN. This one is not banned.
Thapar: But it's the same organisation, with the same man as the head.
President Musharraf: No, If they are there and they are carrying out relief operations, and they are doing a good job, I have no reason to stop anyone who is not banned and doing a good job or relief in the people. Why should I stop anyone? So, that's the issue.

Thapar: But you are suggesting that in the past terror was used as a weapon?
President Musharraf: No. Terror was not used. It was a freedom struggle going on in Kashmir, which is still going on. So let us leave that chapter aside because on one side Indians believe that it is terrorism, while we are saying that it is a freedom struggle.

President Musharraf: You select people who are unbalanced. He is not a balanced man. Let me say and please project this on the TV. I am sending a message to Ayaz Amir that he is an unbalanced man. You read any of his articles, they are all unbalanced. He doesn't know what he is talking.

President Musharraf: Let me tell you Karan, this is not a Banana Republic Army. This is an army which has fought wars. It's an extremely disciplined army. It is totally loyal and committed to me and I know that.

President Musharraf: It is an irony that I am trusted, I think, by the whole world, and here is one country and one leadership who don’t trust me when I am saying things.


Nitin said...

I wish they'd put the video of the whole thing online.

I thought Thapar nailed him.

Anonymous said...

I would agree - I think Karan Thapar did a great job (and so did Musharraf ;) )

Thapar: General Musharraf a pleasure speaking to you on Devils Advocate.

President Musharraf: Thank you. The name is very correct

libertarian said...

Nitin, anonymous: Thapar did an exceptional job. The online video would have been a blast. The 3 cities idea was a howler. What the Indian press did not highlight was Thapar got him to agree to add a PoK city to the 3 in J&K. It's clear that we cannot do business with him.

nukh said...

Oh what a difference a 9/11 makes....

If one were a betting man, one would wager that Mushy saheb is in some way related to that persian gift, which keeps on giving - Ahmedinijad.
Or maybe to Laloo ji?

Apollo said...

karan thapar is the first journo who showed some nerve and asked some real uncomfy questions of the general. way to go thapar....

Anonymous said...

Karan thapar is generally known for making his guests uncomfortable.
Musharaff took on more than he could chew.

It did not really look like he was needling Musharraf in the interview though, at least when I checked parts of it. (Switched off when Karan said "Many people in India sadly say that Pakistan sponsors Jehadi militant groups today.)

pennathur said...

On one end you have Karan Thapar and on the other you have desi Larry Kings like Malini Parthasarathy

libertarian said...

nukh: to be fair though, Laloo marched when he was given marching orders. And both Ahmedinejad and Laloo have/had popular mandates.

BangaloreGuy: "Musharraf took on more than he could chew" - yup, like his foot.

The clock may be ticking quickly for the general though.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha,
good one liberataian.

not so optimistic on his chances of being thrown out either by inside or by the yanks


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