Sunday, January 08, 2006

Delhi Chills

Via BBC, Delhi hits coldest in 70 years

So much for global warming!


froginthewell said...

I don't know anything about the global warming issue, but have heard that the melting of polar ice caps and the consequent flow of water towards the equator will decrease the temperature - because cold water is flowing into these regions! In any case I don't see much reason to believe that research in these areas can give any more concrete answers than astrology!

libertarian said...

PR, froginthewell, even though we have no decent models to predict the outcome of green-house gases, the amount we put out today is significant. I don't think the science of global warming is quite astrology, but it certainly isn't on a firm footing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this blog is run by some very poorly informed people. While the blogmasters may have already made up their minds reading a few badly written op-eds, editorials and cheap works of fiction, visitors are requested to check out this blog/site In case the blogmasters are saying this in jest it still wouldn't hurt to check out the aforementioned blog/site. It is funny to find bow-tied commentators trying to assess a science with which they have not even a nodding acquaintance.

Jaffna said...


Point well taken. This said, I suspect that the post was not intended to disparage the issue of climate change - something that impacts us all. Thank you for the link. Look forward to reading it.

Best regards

Rishi Gajria said...

Global Warming causes extreme temperatures. Too hot, Too cold, Too much rain etc etc etc. We have already seen this happen the world over.

Rishi Gajria said...

I have to say that this is probably the dumbest post I have read on your blog.
It makes even your praise of the neo-cons and the republicans seem sensible.

Primary Red said...

Oh, come on -- lighten up a bit, would ya?!

On a more serious note, the greenhouse orthodoxy is utterly ridiculous.

Best regards

Rishi Gajria said...

"On a more serious note, the greenhouse orthodoxy is utterly ridiculous."

I agree.

doubtinggaurav said...

"Tails I win Heads you lose",



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