Monday, January 02, 2006

Dark Clouds

Via Times of India, Get set for quota, India Inc told

This is bad news to kick off the new year.

Hasn't Government messed with India's private enterprise enough over the past six decades to realize such intervention in liberty is the principal root of poverty? On this course, we'll end up having further institutionalized caste and dimming Indian hopes of erasing the wretchedness of poverty.

Hopefully, our courts will set aside this idiotic policy on constitutional grounds.


Anonymous said...

These pathetic losers push for a quota system, yet fly to US/UK hospitals when they need treatment. Why don't they get treated by a quota doctor instead?

Anonymous said...

kindly note that the vir sanghvis and the shekhar guptas who screamed their lungs off at an MM JOshi's interference in IIMA adminstration are going to remain spinelessly silent at this move, just as they have with regard to the recent legislation demanding quotas in private educational insitutions.
With a fascist government such as that we have, if we lose our liberties, it happens with the complicity of a media which is de facto sarkari.
How about a dalit editor for Indian Express, anyone? "Reform", like charity, can begin at home.

history_lover said...

Instead of focussing on providing good education for all,the government has decided to take a short cut ...

Primary Red said...

history_lover's point is exactly right.

sarcastic comments re. Dalits are not useful in this discussion. in our experience, many of those who joined our IIT class via reservations were fine engineers. this is, therfore, less about the capability of those who would benefit from such quotas, more about the principle of government interfering with private decision making.

best regards

nukh said...

At times I think there is a conspiracy to keep India behind - How else does one explain this ridiculous new salvo?

Nanda Kishore said...

Just cynical vote bank politics, that's all. And Anon's point regarding the media's silence is pertinent. Supposed social justice causes, pet projects of the so-called secular parties, are seemingly beyond any criticism.

Anonymous said...

no sarcastic comment. why should the editor-dom of indian express remain a male upper caste bastion? this in fact applies to media in general. i'm suggesting a quota policy for media. i'd really like to see brahmin/bania editors replaced with dalit editors. since most of our media is government's drum-beaters anyway, this quota policy should be easy to implement.


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