Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Market Knows?

Via Israeli Debkafile, Tehran plans a nuclear weapons test

Via Associated Press, Israel hints at preparation to stop Iran

Via Reuters, US stocks suffer biggest fall in nearly 3 years

Via TMCnet, Tokyo stocks open sharply lower after NY shares plunge


Apollo said...

i feel they should take iran out as soon as possible.india should keep quiet because the destruction of iran's islamist regime is in its interests. even the gas deal today is not fairly balanced towards india. a post-war iran will be better to deal with in this regard

libertarian said...

Rough road ahead. Oil prices already rising in anticipation. This squarely pits Iran against Saudi. Iran's stoking the markets and Saudi is trying to calm them.

nukh said...

do any of you guys believe that anything short of outright military action will persuade iran to give up on nukes?
i don't.
however, if i were advising bush, i would counsel to let the europeans handle this "diplomaticaly". indeed give them carte blanche - and when they fail, which they will and come begging for help...then [by then hopefuly iraq is calmer]go after the mullah's.

Apollo said...

nukh, by that time the iranian shadab nuke will be pointing at our head. we don't need 2 nuclear powered islamic militant countries neighbouring us.remember both of them are supporting terrorists. they should take out iran immediately within this year or else it will be trouble


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