Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Idiocy Watch

Via BBC, Why Chinese-speaking childminders are all the rage in New York

An increasing number of families in the United States is looking to employ Chinese nannies - not so much for their child-rearing abilities, but more for their language skills.

Parents always want to give their children a good head start in life to prepare them for the future.

It seems that families in the United States with a lot of disposable income believe that helping their children master the intricacies of Mandarin at an early age is one way to do that.

One Chinese woman even managed to secure a salary of $70,000-a-year after two families tried to outbid each other to get her.

(Link courtesy: Drudge Report)

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to their kids, most parents are "idiotic" - i.e. they are willing to go to the greatest extent to do the smallest things which may potentially help their children. the richer the parents, the more this gets manifested, while average parents r mostly busy trying to earn/ save.


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