Friday, January 20, 2006

Nuclear Knee

The terrific Belmont Club has a fascinating analysis of France's startling escalation in the "war on terror" rhetoric.


libertarian said...

Fascinating. The nonchalant talk of "taking out" a square mile of NY or Paris is alarming though. One comment clearly talks of some incorrect assumptions for the Iran scenario - 350kT nukes and in a suitcase.

Chirac is undoubtedly signaling Iran. Ahmedinejad appears in no mood to back off though - buddying with Syria. Israel has also fingered Iran and Syria in the recent attack. Time for seatbelts - really bumpy ride ahead.

Jing said...

It seems there is a disconnect between Americans and the French as to the root of Chirac's statements. Some in the French press at least seems to think that Chirac is posturing domestically in order to justify the continued existance of the French nuclear stockpile in the post cold war era.


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