Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dragon In The Lab

Via Newsweek, Inside China's campaign to be a tech power

An interesting excerpt:

In 2001, U.S. intel sources reportedly alerted their Indian counterparts to "suspicious" activities by the Chinese firm Huawei (next story). Telecom software developed at Huawei's Bangalore R&D center allegedly wound up in the hands of the Pakistan government, New Delhi's archrival, by way of Huawei's Afghan operations. (Huawei has denied the allegations.) Indian intelligence officials, in particular, oppose allowing Huawei to expand its presence in their country because they fear strategic telecom networks would become vulnerable to China.


libertarian said...

These guys don't understand "rule of law" - or playing by _any_ rules. It's time we got as aggressive.

Anonymous said...

Last Heard, the Finance Minister expressly voiced an opinion in FAVOUR of allowing Huawei and such firms into most bids. Especially BSNL's mega 5billion$ tender for 90million lines or so. So Huawei has friends in unknown and high places.


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