Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cricket And Terror

Via Hindustan Times, Missing cricket fans behind B’lore terror?

THREE OF the 32 Pakistanis visitors who had gone missing after the Indo-Pak cricket series in India last year may have been involved in the terror attack at the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore in December.

If this pans out, then this on-going farce of cricket diplomacy should be immediately ended. It has already cost us too much blood in exchange for only cheap thrills.


cynical nerd said...

The cretinous and greedy BCCI and the delusionary Candle Kissers lobby are taking India down the drain

On a side note: I caught some footage of the test match. Most Paki players now sport a beard and make explicit religious gesturees like kneeling down and praying after scoring a 100. Does it reflect the increasing Islamization of public sphere there.

Aravind said...

Believe me or not this was exactly the plot in the recent tamil movie Paramasivan.While i saw the movie i that idea kinda amused me .but it could have really happened.

libertarian said...

We need some momentum on these stories. That's the only thing that will put a damper on the BCCI's zeal .

cn: your observation of Pak cricketers being (or pretending to be) religious is right on. Nothing wrong with wearing your religion on your sleeve (literally) - but it seems to be a mentality in the team. I saw Daily Times edit that could not conceal it's glee at Yusuf Youhana becoming Mohammad Yusuf. The days of Majid Khan, Asif Iqbal, Rameez Raja and (the old) Imran Khan are history.

cynical nerd said...

libertarian: Exactly. I guess now the old lover boy, womanizer like Imran cannot find a place in this team.

I just wrote a post on the greedy BCCI enriching the corrupt PCB.

history_lover said...

Personally I happy that India Pakistan are playing despite the terrorist attacks.
As for the increased religiosity of the Pakistani cricketers,Osman Samiuddin has written about this in this month's CricInfo Magazine.He has speculated that this is perhaps a ploy for presenting themselves as pious Muslims to avoid match fixing allegations after the turbulent 90's.Anyway God alone knows their intentions.However judging from the reactions around me sections of the Muslim public (both Indian and Pakistani) seem to be pleased by thier increased (public display of) religiosity.

Anonymous said...

For a government that cant even name Musharraf and co as terror-abetters, banning Indo-Pak cricket is like asking for the moon.

The first argument the idiots at North/South block use would be "BUT we need such CBMs for the peace process to go on"


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