Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Via Times of India, SC quashes job quota for muslims

This is good news. Now, we hope the Supreme Court will apply similar logic to quashing caste-based quotas too.


Rezwan said...

Yes I am also against all quotas. But accountability and neutrality of recruiting authorities are a pre-requisite to ensure that there are no biasness and injustice done to the deserving. Quota systems decreases the standards and productivity.

Anonymous said...

Do not count your chickens yet. The Churhat king will introduce a bill to work around supreme court's ruling ..

Primary Red said...


You are absolutely right about the need to ensure that bias not creep into people's decision making. We believe that a free economy takes care of this largely by itself.

As it turns out prejudice is bad business -- those who make decisions on such basis hurt their own competitiveness. In a free economy, their rivals across the street capitalize on their bigotry by snapping up talented people they passed over in favor of lesser folks. Before long, the consequences show up in the bottom line. This is how the invisible hand takes care of bigots.

Happy new year to you.

Best regards


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