Saturday, December 03, 2005

Zia Ul Haq

Pakistan's Daily Times leads today with this editorial: Another clue into General Zia’s death

This is provoked by a Barbara Crossette (ex-NYT South Asia correspondent) piece in the World Policy Journal, Who Killed Zia?, in which a former US Ambassador to India fingers Israel.

Diplomats don't speculate idly. Their leaks have purposes. (Just ask Natwar Singh!!)

Whose purpose is served by this grenade tossed on the eve of the OIC summit in Makkah? How does this impact the recent warming between Israel and Pakistan?

In this wilderness of mirrors, all reflections have ghosts.

Or, as Kundera puts it so well in The Art of the Novel, not a single absolute truth but a welter of contradictory truths ... to have as one's only certainty the wisdom of uncertainty.


nukh said...

am i the only one who feels a tad insulted that no one suspected india.....
or.....maybe she [india] stuck with such diabolical finesse...that they don't have a clue....hmmm, i wonder...

libertarian said...

nukh, that's funny. Yup, when is RAW finally going to take the hit for this one? Seems so obvious.


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