Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Confused, Anyone?

Musharraf confirms Al-Qaeda commander killed in Pakistan (Pakistani Geo TV)

Qaeda denies Rabia’s death (Pakistani Daily Times)

Abu Hamza Rabia reportedly killed in Pakistan is alive (Israeli Debkafile)

Hamza Rabia – a leading Qaeda figure (Pakistani Daily Times)

Doubts expressed as to Rabia’s Al Qaeda ranking (Pakistani Daily Times)

Pakistan's Jekyll and Hyde (Arnaud De Borchgrave via UPI)

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libertarian said...

PR, Musharraf is a lying, bumbling bozo. Guess we all need to play the waiting game (similar to the Shiv Sena and to Laloo) - till someone else shows up. I'm not optimistic that we'll get a warrior-poet out of the Pak army any time soon.

But seriousness aside, he's quite an entertainer :-)


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