Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Death Of Common Sense

Via Times of India, UPA govt plans job quota in private sector

The government is considering amending the constitution to allow for this outrageous intrusion into private commercial activity. If this were to occur, our constitution will no longer be one about freedom for Indians.

It's one thing -- a good thing -- for private sector firms to voluntarily seek out opportunities for Indians of all backgrounds, it's quite another -- indeed infinitely different -- to dictate to them their HR policy.

Shame on the government for even considering this ridiculous notion.

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BangaloreGuy said...

Our constitution, and politics has almost never about freedom - at best, it has only been about the ballot - the only thing that they want to be free and fair, and our people have generally acquiesced.

That the idea is inherently flawed and discriminatory, appeals to ghe Government, I suppose.


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