Thursday, December 15, 2005

Opium For The Masses

We've previously lamented cricket's insane popularity in India.

This is why we were amused by this Outlook story: Left leaders flay dropping of Ganguly from Indian squad.

What's the left doing meddling in cricket, a profoundly bourgeois sport -- the opium for Indians, as it were?!


libertarian said...

This is very sloppy handling. Ganguly could have been eased out as effectively without the mess. Ganguly's no saint either - his first visit was to Godfather Dalmiya (largely ineffective after his minions were unseated from the BCCI) instead of the nets where he should be. And the protesting comrades in Kolkata need to get a lobotomy and a life.

Nitin said...

Note to myself:

Always check this blog before I shoot off myself!

Pickle said...

Most of the Comrades are Bengalis and every bengali feels his birth right to protest anything s/he percieves to be wrong. Which by the way, is virtually everything.
Look how NDTV has made its life's mission to get Ganguli back in the team. No prizes for guessing who owns it.
They just don't know how to "move on"


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