Thursday, December 29, 2005


Via BBC, Vajpayee to retire from politics

Good riddance.


indianpatriot said...

Atleast he will be remembered as leading a first rightist government which was of non congress ideas. BJP or BJS apart from Swatantra party were advocates of free market liberalism in post independent india when Socialism was dogma in intellectual circles. He will also be remembered as the political author of Pokhran II which has led to India's resurgence. As a politician he is becoming old and his health is not doing. Primary red I am going to irritate you little bit. Your favorite George Bush would be the most unsung , unwept US president when he demits office(By 2008 if he is not impeached by then).

Primary Red said...

actually, mr. vajpayee's legacy is quite a bit worse than you suggest.

his sangh parivar consists, in part, of anti-free market collectivists of the swadeshi jagaran manch.

while he greenlighted pokharan 2, india's strategic capability was built by mrs. gandhi 24 years earlier.

he watched as gujarat burned -- shamefully blaming the victims in the parliament (lekin aag to lagayi kisne? he said)

he allowed the shameful surrender to terrorist demands during the kandahar hijacking of the indian airlines plane.

he failed to avenge the attack on india's parliament.

with all respect, mr. vajpayee is hardly worth the kind of adulation the sangh parivar would like to shower on him

best regards.

froginthewell said...

When you say "good riddance" do you mean the alternatives are better? Who are they? Advani or Sonia?

libertarian said...

indianpatriot I would not consign Dubya to the dustbin of history just yet. Judging from the noisy elections in Iraq, there's definitely light at the end of this tunnel. Too bad the continuing insurgency doesn't allow this giant success to be trumpeted. Dubya was always a swing-for-the-fences guy. Wanted to leave a historical mark. That's always a risky proposition. His democrat opponents would have been much more status quo guys - and they'd probably be negotiating with Bin Laden as we speak. As far as India's concerned, I doubt any democrat president would have dreamed of a nuclear deal with us. Dubya's good for India - not matter what the carping peacenik negotiate-with-terrorist lefties will have you believe.

Anonymous said...

I guess he was suggesting (His Excellency) Shri Rahul - ji Gandhi the Emperor-in-the-waiting of the Gandhi Monarchy.
Sadly for PR, Rahul-ji, i believe, is busy with one of his South American girlfriends or either preparing to clad into Khadi for some photo-ops with his favouritte - TOI.


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