Thursday, December 29, 2005


Via Indian Express, Terror hits Bangalore, target is IISc

Nitin calls it Bangalore's Pearl Harbour

Stratfor comments:

In a sense, who did this is less important for the international system than that it was done. Bangalore has been a pivot of international technical development and outsourcing and, with an increasingly turbulent China, a relatively safe haven. One attack does not change this fact by any means. But continuing uncertainty as to whether there might be more attacks would begin to erode the global sense of comfort with Bangalore. The Indians have to nail this down, at least figuring out who did it.

Cheap cars packed with people, relatively few casualties in spite of apparently random fire, dud grenades, no one sending faxes taking credit -- none of this makes sense. And it makes defending against the threat difficult.

We mourn Professor Puri of IIT Delhi who tragically lost his life in this cowardly attack.

Is it not time for India to finally stop treating these attacks as "crimes" -- complete with (as Bangalore Guy shows) fumbled police investigations and trials for foot-soldiers of terror?

We know where these attacks are masterminded and we know who funds and plans these. India would be far better off decapitating the heads of these monstrous terrorist organizations.

We don't know if India has an Israel-like capability -- or even the spine -- to kill or capture evil terrorists abroad. Perhaps its finally time to create such a capability and go after the terrorist monsters Hafeez Syed and Masood Azhar personally.


cynical nerd said...

I proposed the same in Nitin's blog. I don't know if we have the capability to taken down LeT/JuD leadership in POK/Pak. But we sure used to give "moral and diplomatic" support to Baloch freedom fighers. I suggest we restart that to keep Musharraf busy over that part of the country. Once the Pak Army is shooting its own in Baloch/Warzistan/NWFP, it will be hard for jihadi pigs to enter.

This attack also has a Bangaleshi component (the foot soliders). My wish is also that India work its butt off to get Awami League to power in the next elections. BNP's Islamists allies sure are being good lapdogs of their masters in Pak/KSA.

Kaunteya said...

From experience one can tell that this unfortunate incident will be soon forgotten. And before we know our IT industry, the rock-bed of our so called economic boom will be engulfed in a crisis.
I may sound hopelessly pessimistic but i can tell you that Punjab and Kashmir problems started with just one small bomb blast or one small shoot out. Before we realised they became monsters. ISI/LeT/Musharaf know our penchant for minoritism and they have reasons to believe that with current establishment they can take all the chances.
POTA or no POTA terror will strike. But atleast with POTA the investigating authorities would have had the motivation to grab the culprits without fearing that some Human Rights activist will bail their catch out.
Now with POTA out of the way an Ansari or a Salem will always be relaxed and can always bank on some bleeding heart to come forward and rescue him from clutches of Indian Law. Really, with the kind of media that we have, how difficult is it to portray some terrorist as a "victim" of "Hindu" police? Messrs Kuldeep Nayar,Praful Bidwai et al are always there to help out.
So i don't think the investigating authorities will really bother to be aggressive in their hunt for the perpetrators , fully aware of the fact that there are well-oiled safeguards in place for these terrorists. Bottom line, such incidents have a domino effect and soon spiral into unmanagable giants.

libertarian said...

PR we definitely need Israeli-like ability for targeted hits. This will give us a credible counter-threat - something we don't possess currently. The response can be calibrated to the crime. Azhar and Syed are special cases - they're long past their sell-by date - they need attention right away.


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