Friday, December 02, 2005

A Well Deserved Diss

Ayaz Amir looks at -- the increasingly airheaded -- Indian media and correctly notes its descent into an information-free zone.

As if on cue, via Hindustan Times, Desi version of Playboy on cards


cynical nerd said...

Agree with the declining quality of the rags. But this phrase caught my attention:

If we can get democracy without lowering the standard of national discourse or without the pursuit of trivia, that would be a goal worth striving for.

So, a 300k English daily circulation in a country of 160M population has a higher standard of 'national' discourse. Apart from the occasional decent articles from Amir, Seth, Haqqani the rest of the Pakistani editorial columnists are all trivia writers! No idea on their Urdu dailies. Let see how many corruption scandals have the Pak press uncovered!

Primary Red said...


You're absolutely right that the level of Pakistani discourse is not that illuminating either -- mercifully, they are not the gold standard by which we are to be judged.

Best regards.

libertarian said...

PR, I've followed Amir for a little while. Seems like an inveterate India-hater. His diss of Indian media should be viewed in that context.

Further, the fact that the Indian media does air-headed stuff is not a bad thing. It's reflective of a population that does not obsess with politics - a healthy state to be. Except for WSJ and Wash Post, I cannot name "serious" large-circulation US publications. Pakistan needs to obsess with politics because they haven't even got the basics in place yet.

Primary Red said...


agree with you that its ok -- likely healthy -- not to be serious all the time. the only point is that, unlike the US, we don't even have a WSJ and Wash Post equivalents, where sustained seriousness abounds.

have a great weekend.

doubtinggaurav said...


I think the reason for that is American market is mature and has some place for all sort of seller and buyer, that is the reason WSJ can coexist with Hustler.

However, in India the market is not yet big or mature enough to afford niche positions.

That will explain the kitch that is doled out.

By the way that news was in all major newspaper, including Economic Times !


Primary Red said...


not that there's anything wrong with playboy per se (!); one only wishes India climbs the maturity curve fast and get a little dash of serious discourse as well.

best regards.

Charu Majumdar said...


contrary to what you say, Ayaz Amir
has been a very balanced person.
His views may will appear hard hitting to those doctrinaired in indian
propaganda. But if we read him with an open mind, without any preconceived notions, he does appear to be more
balanced than most others (including indian mainsteeam media)


doubtinggaurav said...


Ofcourse Indians are indoctrinated by propoganda,

Whereas Pakistan is a land of free and unbiased information.

Thanks for enlightening indoctinated indian readers of this blog.

You will be better off lighting candles at Wagah.


libertarian said...

dg, I actually spent a few minutes trolling through archives of Amir's articles and could not come up with a suitable one to prove my point of him being an "inveterate India-hater" (my words). I was sure I read at least a couple where he spouted anti-Indian venom, but cannot come up with proof - hence must accept Charu's criticism.

Long story short, Charu - you're right - he's a reasonably balanced guy.

doubtinggaurav said...


Pardon my french, but I give a rat's ass to Ayaz Menon or Pakistani Media or Indian Media.

I work on the premise that everyone except me is biased and it is my duty to smite all of them down.

I am, on the other hand, opinionated even when I am prejudiced

My prejudices warn me against anyone with Che/Marx/Lenin/Mao photographs. They are to be dealt with firmly, and not arguing (which at any rate is what girly men do)


malladawg said...
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Primary Red said...


hate speech is not welcome on this blog.

best regards


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