Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Outrage In Malaysia

Malaysia gives man Muslim burial, ignoring widow's wishes : Reuters

Muslim burial for Malaysian hero : BBC

M Moorthy, 36, was a Hindu when he became a national hero in 1997 as a member of the first Malaysian expedition to conquer Mount Everest.

But when he died a week ago family supporters and state Islamic officials jostled one another at the mortuary as each tried to claim his body.

An Islamic Sharia court subsequently upheld a claim by his former colleagues in the army that he had become a Muslim last year.

However his family, who want him to have a Hindu funeral, were not allowed to appear before the court to dispute his conversion because they are not Muslims.

Shame on you, Malaysia. You have a long way to go before you can be considered a peer of the secular democracies of the world.


cynical nerd said...

Well, Malaysia is probably the only democracy in the world with an affirmative action program for its ethnic Malay majority through the Bhumiputra (ironically an Indian origin word) rules. A couple of their provinces follow strict Sharia rules a la Taliban.

Jaffna said...

Cynical Nerd,

Ethnic Malays are not a majority. They are 50% of the population. That is what makes the affirmative action policy pure discrimination against ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indians. Other tribal groups in East Malaysia are 10%. There is no reliable census in Malaysia - it is doctored - like every thing else in that country (including the infamous trial of opposition activist Anwar Ibrahim for false charges of sodomy).

Taleban style Shari'ah is not imposed in Kelantan and Trengannu but a watered down Islamic law is.

This said, Malaysia is an amazingly prosperous country with a roaring tourist industry. It has a sophisticated exterior. Sri Lankans aspire to be the next Malaysia.


history_lover said...

Perhaps because the chinese community is perceived to be economically dominant although political power is in Malay hands

cynical nerd said...

Jaffna: Thanks for the correction. I read the supposedly independent paper Malaysiakini sometimes. From the readers opinion, every second letter is about non-Malays complaining about Bhumiputra and Malays writing back to defending them. I believe it is a big issue there.

About the country's country's, if not for the petroleum and other natural resources (rubber, tin), I don't think it could've pulled itself up like Singapore. They are already losing out on manufacturing to China and even Thailand. The Cyberjaya and the Petronas towers are running empty, I am told.

I am not a big fan of their heavy-handed techniques mastered by their ex-PM Dr. Mahathir. But I liked he when called George Soros a ba$#ard after the financial crisis. The current PM Badawi is a moderate, but unfortunately is considered as a pussy by his colleagues.


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