Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Desolation Called Peace

Via Reuters, Suspected rebel attack kills 10 Sri Lankan soldiers

The terrorist in striped fatigues is baiting Colombo -- and New Delhi, where Mahinda Rajapakse is visiting -- to go to war. He is betting that Colombo is not strong enough, and Delhi not willing enough, to rise to his challenge.

It's finally time for India to brutally surprise the killer of our former Prime Minister.

Our bitter experience in the 80s shapes India's view of Sri Lanka. This is a mistake. Then, we did not have as much at stake -- we were fighting for another people and our forces had their hands tied behind their backs.

Since then, an Indian leader has been killed and we need to extract justice by hunting down Pirbhakaran. If we go to war now, there will be no limits on what our soldiers can unleash. The notion that a ragtag terrorist group can withstand a withering Indian assault -- motivated by a burning sense of vengeance -- is untenable.

So, let's go to war. Let's end this LTTE nonsense in our backyard. Let's assert our power and authority. Let's make an example out of the striped terrorists. Let's show all other mischief-makers in our sphere of influence what happens when India is finally fed up and ready to spill blood.

Let's finally show some spine and unleash hell on monsters who've long had it coming. Let's make a desolation in Tiger-land, then call it peace -- if that's what it takes.


Jaffna said...

Primary Red,

If India were to militarily intervene in Sri Lanka in the next two months (I mean troops - not covert defence supplies), I will take you out for lunch or dinner (your choice) at any restaurant of your choosing anywhere in the world - how ever expensive. Now that's a bet.

I am confident however that India will not intervene in this time period.

It is a pity that I can not comment on my own country....


Primary Red said...

You're likely right, alas -- but if India were to engage, no one would be happier than this blogger, and would treat you to dinner instead!!!

Best regards.

Jaffna said...
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Kumar said...

PR and Jaffna:

I support a greater degree of overt Indian involvement in Sri Lanka, including the threat of using Indian armed forces if the LTTE continues to cultivate terror and war. However, the Indian army must not threaten 'desolation'--it's wrong, in principle, and counter-productive to boot.

In any case, I too doubt that India will do anything along these lines. And the LTTE knows this; read this, frankly insolent, LTTE take on India: http://www.indiadaily.com/breaking_news/54252.asp

Reading this interview, it seems the LTTE thinks the GOI is weaker now, given the prominence of regional parties. It's counting on the support of Indian Tamils, of course as well as the withdrawal of POTA. To top it off, the LTTE is implicitly threatening to support secessionist groups inside India, including Tamil Nadu (The LTTE guy quotes Vaiko to the effect that Tamil Nadu will turn into Kashmir if the GOI is actively anti-LTTE).

All in all, an insolent statement, as I wrote earlier. But all too accurate, I fear.


Nitin said...


Unfortunately, there is Vaiko. Forget a military strike against the LTTE, this is the guy who successfully lobbied against the India-Sri Lanka defence pact that was supposed to have been signed last year. He probably commands the support of minority of people in Tamil Nadu itself, but thanks to the wonders of coalition politics (and the colourful electoral calculus of TN) he has undue influence over India's Sri Lanka policy.

I'm glad you didn't fall for Jaffna's bet. You are sure to have lost.

Btw, my reading of Sri Lankan blogs leaves me with a feeling that the conflict itself can be contained if Sri Lanka quickly goes in for a federal solution.

Nitin said...

On Vaiko, see this post by Niraj.


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