Saturday, December 17, 2005


Via Reuters, India adding troops on Bangladesh border

India is deploying thousands of new troops on its frontier with Bangladesh and setting up hundreds of more border posts to check illegal migration and movement of armed militants, a top official said.

New Delhi decided to bolster its eastern border defences in September to crack down on militants moving in from Bangladesh, although Dhaka denies anti-India elements are using its soil.

An excellent development.

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Pankaj said...


I must say this is an instance of too little too late. Five districts in Assam have already turned Muslim majority.

After being cleansed out of Pakistan, Bangladesh and then later from Kashmir, 1989, the Hindus are still blind to the essential nature of the Islamists.

The Islamists Islamize land. And once the non-muslim population is inundated, they are either killed, converted or driven out. This is the unfortunate fact that history tells us.



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