Thursday, June 02, 2005

242 Hindus

While this practicing Hindu blogger is displeased with Mr. Advani's visit to enemy Pakistan, he's far from insulted by Mr. Advani's expression of sadness at the Babri Mosque demolition. Better late than never.

Do we qualify for Amit's count of 242?!!


amit varma said...


Sadly, there are logistical problems with lunch. But someday...

doubtinggaurav said...

Why should I care for a destruction of a monument to that ruthless invader "Babar".

If karsevak had not demolished it, There was no chance of resolution.

Sometimes destruction is precursor to resurgence

Primary Red said...

To doubtinggaurav:

As an Indian, you are indeed free to hold Babar in the contempt that you do. Surely you'll agree, that anything that impinges on similar freedoms of any other Indian is not acceptable.

Now, the destruction of the Babri Mosque was only superficially about the destruction of the Babri Mosque. Even if one sets aside the challenges to religious harmony that consequently follwed, there are other reasons to be very upset over what happened.

Because the destruction happened against specific court orders, and the Governments of the day failed to prevent the criminal action, the rule of Indian law was destroyed. This is a major problem because our freedoms follow from India's rule of law.

We are all minorities, in one shape or the other. If the rule of law can be so easily thwarted, as in Ayodhya & later in Gujarat, none of us is safe, and none of our freedoms are safe.

This is why Mr. Advani's sadness is necessary & welcome.

Best regards.

doubtinggaurav said...

What tells you that we are safe.
And considering that record of longest court case is held by India (729 years or something), I am not sure there would have been any judgement(there has not been so far), considering in the first place supreme court was unwilling to take the case (It was only Narsimha Rao's governement insistence as presidential referendum which made it take it, I am not sure about this point) .
As far as freedom arguement, taken in extermity it allows one to disrespect our national song ("Vande Matram is communal")
disrespect our national flag (Yes, apparently Jehovah's witness can not salute the flags, as it is idolatory),disrespect our laws ("Muslims can only obey shariah").
So what I think is, If communal harmony and rule of law implies that our civilization has to bend over every time, I refuse to be part of such charade.
(I could say that I am sad for the riots that followed, but it would be hypocritical.)



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