Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bangladesh Planning To Kill Indian Woman

Via Times of India, Indian woman sentenced to death in Bangladesh.

Whatever crime she has committed, if any at all, this woman does not deserve to be hanged. We have little faith in the investigative abilities & the justice system of Bangladesh. For an Indian to be so condemned by this awful system is unacceptable. We'll accept her guilt only if an Indian court finds her responsible for the horrible crime she's been accused of.

We hope Indians worldwide, especially the Government of India, will stand by this woman in her time of trial.

As for Bangladesh, we cannot overstate our utter contempt for its polity. Someday, a future Indian leader with moral courage will, no doubt, extract a full measure of vengeance for the Bangladeshi murder of our soldiers, and now this planned murder of an Indian woman.

Update: Vulturo has more.


pennathur said...

I wonder where the 'liberal' and the "South Asian friendship" folks of India are at this moment. the Prafools , the Arundirties, the Mawkish Butts, the Sandheaps and the assorted riff-raff. I hope somebody with a conscience opens their mouth

Vulturo said...

Death Penalty?

Not for a murder, but human trafficking? How horribly absurd

That too, the fact that awarded by the Bangladeshi Legal system,makes it even more dubious

But I doubt the Indian government will do anything. India does not care about its citizens being wrongfully treated in other countries as much as the U.S. and European nations do

India just has too many people. Sadly the life of one doesn't mean anything to the Indian state

Vulturo said...


I have tracked back to this article

Primary Red said...

Thanks, Saket.

Rezwan said...

This can be the point of discussion whether the law is a bit harsh in awarding a death penalty for trafficking.

I have not read the news from any other sources so I wouldn't comment on that.

But your title is very wrong. She has been found guilty under a soverign court. Not by the government. You are mockering a sovereign justice system. If a Bangladeshi is sentenced by an Indian court, I can debate the law or argue the system but can I utter any derogatory remarks to a sovereign system? That would be a sheer foolish remark.

No death sentence is excercised immediately. There are processes of appeal and revision and President's mercy. If Indian government thinks that there was injustice done to this women, it can start talks with Bangladesh government.

Regarding your vengeance, BSF also are committing many crimes creating people's anger, which are being ignored by the Indian media.

Anonymous said...

Our Govt's and peoples indifference contrasts squarely with the howls that Australia created when one of their citizens was convicted for drug trafficking.

While I agree with Rezwan on not commenting on other countries courts - It applies to governments, not to people, and seeing a Bangladeshi Govt which is inimical to our nation as a whole, I find it absurd not to raise more than an eye-brow on its propreity.

Primary Red said...


May we remind you of the recent story of infants being hauled into Bangladeshi courts having been accused of adultery & theft!! Some system you have.

There is plenty of evidence that Bangaldesh's "sovereign" justice system is broken down. If you're frustrated with this, don't blame us, look in the mirror.

Besides, our only concern is to protect the rights of Indians caught up in terrible situations in anarchic countries. Ingrate Bangladesh is sovereign &, alas, can do what it likes with Indians in its captivity, but be warned, the tab is running. There will come a moment when the account is settled -- and it won't be pretty for Dhaka.

Finally, your suggestion that the GOI take this up with Dhaka is strange. Either your justice system is independent of the government, or it isn't. If it isn't, as your comment implies, then we are fully justified in considering the ridiculous treatment it is meting out to a poor Indian woman as a political attack on India, hence fair game.

Best regards.


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